PA #97: Letter From The Editor

Twenty years ago, Claude J. Pelletier and a few of his friends decided to start a Robotech fanzine, while ten years later, in 1998, Justin Sevakis decided to start an anime news website. Yes, 2008 marks both the 20th anniversary of Protoculture Addicts, and the 10th anniversary of Anime News Network. These are indeed occasions to celebrate, but for me, the most important milestones arenÕt those of tenure, but rather those of accomplishment.

With both Protoculture Addicts, and Anime News Network, our most important barometer of accomplishment is the feedback we receive from our readers. IÕm proud to say that that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and IÕm even more proud of the fact that our readers (thatÕs you) are constantly writing in to tell us that you not only like what weÕre doing, but you like it more now than ever before (in other words, weÕre getting even better every year). Ten years of improvement at ANN, twenty years at PA, thatÕs something that everyone involved with should be particularly proud of.

Every once in a while though, there is some singular recognition bestowed upon us that highlights for us just how much people appreciate what weÕve been doing all these years. To have two such honors bestowed on Protoculture Addicts in a single year would be pretty awesome, to have them coincide with the publicationÕs 20th anniversary would be indescribably awesome. Please forgive me if I fail to describe just how proud we are to have had two such honors bestowed on Protoculture Addicts this year.

The first honor is in recognition of a single manÕs contributions to the anime community over the period of twenty years. On May 25th, 2008, Claude J. Pelletier, Protoculture Addicts founder and Editor in Chief, was awarded the Momiji Award at Anime North. Any lifetime achievement award is a great honor, but when co-winners of the award in question include Hayao Miyazaki and Go Nagai, itÕs something truly remarkable. Everyone here at Protoculture Addicts and Anime News Network is very proud to congratulate Claude on this wonderful accomplishment.

When accepting his award, Claude spoke of the contributions that the staff of Anime News Network have made to Protoculture Addicts, and fittingly this second honor that weÕve received recognizes the accomplishments of every individual that has contributed to the magazine during the past year. For the first time in the history of the SPJA awards, Protoculture Addicts was nominated for the ÒBest MagazineÓ award. The winners of the SPJA awards will be announced at Anime Expo in July, but even if we donÕt win, weÕll remain extremely proud of the fact that the SPJA recognized the quality of this magazine and felt that it should be nominated. IÕm particularly proud of this recognition when I think about how great the magazineÕs that werenÕt nominated are.

Thank you, our readers. ItÕs your recognition that pushes us to improve, and itÕs your recognition that makes organizations like the SPJA and Anime North take notice. Ultimately, those awards are nothing more than a manifestation of your recognition, thatÕs what we are most proud of, and thatÕs what we strive for. Without you readers, Protoculture Addicts would be nothing more than ink on paper.

With that said, please enjoy issue 97 of Protoculture Addicts.

-Christopher Macdonald

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